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Server crash

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Barbatos # Posté Le 14/02/2013 à 20h17:54 Citer

Twitter: @Barbatos__
Team: Barbie
Messages: 1548
Ranking: 721
Country: fr

Good evening everyone,

Sorry for the website downtime. We've had a crash of the dedicated server that is hosting the game and we had to reinstall everything. Fortunately no data were lost.

I exceptionally opened the training and qualifications until the race so everyone can qualify before the race.

Thanks for your understanding
DDFR Condor Racer 3 # Posté Le 15/02/2013 à 20h36:34 Citer
Team: Condor Racer 3
Messages: 1
Ranking: 230
Country: es

heureux well done charles for getting the game back quickly and having info on twitter and facebook everyone emailed each other so nearly everyone knew what was happening
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