Important Announcement : game will close on March 22, 2014

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Barbatos # Posté Le 24/02/2014 à 11h33:07 Citer

Twitter: @Barbatos__
Team: Barbie
Messages: 1548
Ranking: 721
Country: fr

Hello everyone,

I don't have any time and motivation to manage the game anymore. Therefore and since the situation won't change in the future, I decided to close the game.
The game will close during the weekend of March 22, 2014, after the end of this season.

Thank you for your fidelity during all these years. I managed this game for 7 years and I've always been proud of it. It'll long remain in my memory as the game that inspired me to work in the IT.

A longer and more detailed message will be written when the game will close.


LFT Team drs3 # Posté Le 24/02/2014 à 11h52:32 Citer
Messages: 1
Ranking: 310
Country: fr

Bad new, but i can understand.. Best thanks to you barba, we had a lot of fun with this Game, thanks again!
clif foxy # Posté Le 24/02/2014 à 18h10:56 Citer
Team: clif foxy
Messages: 1
Ranking: 373
Country: ca

Any chance someone can pick up the mantle and continue?
MTP vickiesophie # Posté Le 24/02/2014 à 22h01:18 Citer
Team: vickiesophie
Messages: 4
Ranking: 70
Country: uk

Totally understand your situation, and thanks for organising it in the first place. Maybe someone else can continue?
TMP ragman racing # Posté Le 24/02/2014 à 22h42:42 Citer
Team: ragman racing
Messages: 7
Ranking: 392
Country: uk

Have a good life my friend and thanks for the game,,,sometimes these tyres have drove me mad with frustration,,,,,,but i enjoyed playing.

whatever you do in the future you can be proud that you made thousands of petrol heads happy.

take care

Ragman Racing
Kostoh # Posté Le 24/02/2014 à 23h34:47 Citer
Team: Kostoh
Messages: 1
Ranking: 511
Country: ca

C'est dommage, je suis nouveau et je trouvais le jeu très intéressant.
M2i Aki # Posté Le 25/02/2014 à 12h30:22 Citer

Team: Aki
Messages: 1
Ranking: 411
Country: jp

Even if i've been playing for a short time, i really appreciate this innovative Formula 1 game.
Thanks for all, i wish you good luck for the rest and who knows maybe one day you'll feel to run it again.
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TMP MM Raiger 1 # Posté Le 27/02/2014 à 12h09:18 Citer

Messages: 10
Ranking: 191
Country: uk

Bad news for a lot of us, But Charles you have kept a lot of us happy over the years when all seemed lost when yahoo racing manager closed.Making new friends over the years as been good but I understand this game can take over your life, we will miss it and my clan will maybe go to GPRO racing.its been fun sometimes ahhhhhh but I wish you well Charles now and in the future.

John on behalf. Of. Monty's marauders. TGB. Papateam We thank you
the best alonso2014 # Posté Le 27/02/2014 à 20h04:04 Citer
Team: alonso2014
Messages: 2
Ranking: 508
Country: fr

c est con que le site va fermer c est un tre bon jeux de formul1unsure triste unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure
DDFR - DioDer 16 # Posté Le 27/02/2014 à 23h18:43 Citer

Team: DDFR ~ DioDer 16
Messages: 4
Ranking: 6
Country: es

Nothing new that the rest of people hadn't said...
It's a bad and sad new for me, but I understand your position.
I will miss the game...
Cheers and good luck Charles!
MTP Bren # Posté Le 21/03/2014 à 22h21:26 Citer
Team: Bren
Messages: 2
Ranking: 92
Country: au

Thank you Charles for giving us an entertaining and enthralling game that you created after YRM closed. You managed to provide a lifeboat to friends who were quite dismayed when YRM closed and many of us were in askance how we all could find something new but similar to enjoy both our companionship and competitiveness!
You provided that! You are not only thanked for that, but highly appreciated amongst friend and (friendly) foe alike!!! You got a lot of people together and definitely gathered old friends back together and let new gamers come and enjoy themselves with so little difficulty and let them compete with themselves as well as friends and even competitive enemies!
I know I am not lonely when I say "Thank You, Charles"
Best regards

Zi-romea4 # Posté Le 21/03/2014 à 23h47:45 Citer
Team: Zi-romea4
Messages: 1
Ranking: 201
Country: it

Goodbye Everybody from Pantegani Racing!
joel2 # Posté Le 22/03/2014 à 17h30:17 Citer
Team: joel2
Messages: 81
Ranking: 9
Country: fr

Thanks for everyone,
If someone here want to begin a new aventure, I am at GPRO : Joel trekane (team : Gornidi Dauphine).
SCT - horst # Posté Le 23/03/2014 à 00h19:16 Citer
Team: SCT - Horst
Messages: 57
Ranking: 11
Country: de

Thanks to al players , Special thanks to SCT F1- GP
F1p didierf102 # Posté Le 12/04/2014 à 09h15:30 Citer

Team: didierf102
Messages: 103
Ranking: 230
Country: fr

Now it's time to say goodbye,
Goodbye, sweet time.
Now the game turns out his lights,
Goodbye, sweet game.
Dream, sweet dream for me,
Dream, sweet dream for you.

Goodbye everybody,
Everybody, Everywhere, Goodbye
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