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DDFR - DIODER # Posté Le 20/03/2011 à 18h22:32 Citer

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Citation : Barbatos
Ok Darkgo, I'll try to speak more about changes now. Thanks for your help.rnrnBy the way, thanks Dioder to ban me from your Forum, It's such a good attitude coming from an adult. clin Good luck to find another game if you don't like this.rnrnThat's incredible... only for a bug in a beta version.

i don't banned anybody of DDFR forum; between other reasons i don't know do it...
in fact i came home several minutes ago for working, i enter in DDFr forum, answered you and then (after that) i enter here and read this shit...
really do you think that i have done that?
once again you say lies about me and bad acusations...
i answered you 10 minutes ago; i have traslate your words to spanish and answer you in english and spanish... would i do that if i know that you are banned and you can't read that?
i enter now in our forum again and i see you get the permiss for seeing the fom side:

Moderador de Grupo
DIODER 15023 Madrid - ESPA?A
Miembros de Grupo
Barbatos 36
Brendan Black 0 Naivasha, Kenya
CoD4 Ranger 187
DPT Team 11
javicardghi 1
Málaga 2016 1
mario 20
oscarpintero2000 110 BCN SPAIN
raigerjohn 49
riohato 13 Panamá
t.tomygarcia61 23

First ask, know what happen, and then made acusations, but once again you skate on the shit and the lies of your words...
Sincerely, i think you get a lot of bugs in your head, and I have got tired of your bilges and accusations without any foundation. I am not your enemy, but you treat me like that, and you lie over me only to discredit myself and to try to throw once again the fault to others of your own failures. That isn't the right way, and i don't know what you want with that but the only looser in this way are you and your game...
If somebody banned you from our forum (really I don't know), tell it but DON'T MADE ACUSATIONS OVER ME IF YOU DON'T KNOW IF THAT IT WAS MADE FOR ME... Can you understand that or i have to explain you word to word?
Bye to all!
Barbatos # Posté Le 20/03/2011 à 18h38:39 Citer

Twitter: @Barbatos__
Team: Barbie
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You were the only one who was connected, so I thought it was you, my apologies if not. That's not important anymore.

Thank you for all your help concerning FOM, see you. clin
Darkgo # Posté Le 21/03/2011 à 01h57:31 Citer

Team: darkgo
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Only said: If DD do it anything in our forum (banned or other) first time,he tell always go by the face to everybody,I know he very very well (there're a lot of nigths playin' YRM2 and we 2 always work ours car until nearly morning,a lots hours to knownin' betwen...).
So,said that we were havin' some bug and mistakes in our forum (and administrators try to repair),like sample,me be an administrator and now not (there was a mistake,but first I ask people,please,finish all acusations of alls!!! Yet I don't understand the last acusation of Gxxxx about Xaviz,but I don't want more blood in a hole river...).Please,if humans excel at something, is communication between us, something that is now not doing,I think...

Like a asked you,with game rules,life be easy by alls,first for you and for all players,my friend.

I expect in a future, DD will become game (I can't imagine a F1 game without he,for me,one of the better players of F1 games) ,because he's very important to DDFR,like player and like person and be alls more united because alls ought to speak about game,not acusatoins and anothers things...we should all calm down, because it gets us nowhere.

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